Dolly Parton’s Celebration
A Spectacular Dinner Show

Dolly Parton’s Celebration At Smoky Mountain Adventures brings music, comedy, fun and food together. This family-oriented fun-filled action and spectacle begins upon entering through the Outpost. Here, guests will find old-time games and Magical Makeovers (where children of any age can transform into a Princess or lovable character). Snacks and refreshments are also available. The real celebration and thrills begin with music, dance, special effects and acrobatics led by an energetic Master of Ceremonies and his songstress partner.

Fabulous Four-Course Feast


Upon entering Celebration Ridge, the dining experience begins with a fabulous four-course feast. This mouth-watering meal treats guests to tantalizing tastes of creamy vegetable soup, homemade biscuits, sugar-cured ham, pan fried chicken, signature macaroni and cheese, sweet potato delight, and a specialty dessert.

*Items pictured may differ from actual menu due to seasonal updates.

Arrive Early

More fun before the show! The Outpost, the area where old-time games and Magical Memories (where children of any age can transform into a Princess or lovable character) and snacks can be purchased to enhance what is about to be experienced in the main area known as Celebration Ridge.